Nanoknife at Cancer Treatment Centers of America

  this medical limit is sponsored by cancer treatment centers of america that

  cpc a one of the benefits for me is that

  i'm able to really stay on the cutting edge and identify new technologies as

  they are merging because that's what our patients here need and expect and and

  deserve many cancers that we see our inoperable because of either size or

  location next to critical structures and we can offer a variety of interventional

  therapies to treat those tumors in a much more directed fashion banana knife

  is really the latest generation of tumor boyish in technology and i would see

  patients would have to murs battering he's critical hard to reach locations i

  just couldn't offer them standard equation because it would be too risky

  gesturing and says american philadelphia

  will be the first in the region to offer now and i think not eat or patients and

  it gives us yet one more option that we can tell patients yes there is an option

  we have something we can do for you it's minimally invasive it's safe and will

  help to manager cancer

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