Dr. Yoo, Interventional Radiologist at Cancer Treatment Centers of America talks about an exciting new treatment option: NanoKnife which uses high voltage electricity to destroy cancer cells.

  monday night is a new technology using non for more police and

  great killers the cells

  uh... and specific here to marriage

  publishing is

  uh... way of killing

  uh... tumors without

  surgically excise in

  the tumor itself

  uh... unlike other abrasion not taking any such as read your frequency of


  uh... cry or fair opinion microwave which uses a

  or cole

  to carol

  the cells

  uh... mennonite uses a lecture called pops

  to make this cell membranes


  open up

  in a man or size porus

  so that

  hideous programmed to cost

  to the cells

  when they're online for is

  image guidance to help us to put the needle

  like let troops

  into and around the massive pending on the size of the mass

  once we're happy with the position of the electrodes

  uh... we connected to the untied generator and generated inmates

  electrical charges

  to treat the path of the needles

  so that the lateral pulses are sent between two restrooms

  life yet three electrodes then you have at least theory path that need to treat



  uh... takes about a minute or a little bit above many

  our first patient

  we had five probes and

  and it took us nine-and-a-half minutes

  to treat

  after retrieved

  then leave

  be image the patient

  to see if the area they be treated is satisfactory if if not

  and we can be a just the probe and treaty can

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